Students Build Biogas Plant in KK Public School

What Makes Students Proud
May 2, 2016
On 8th June, we visited KK English School - a private school located in Bangalore. Our aim: To build a bio gas chamber for the maid living in the KK English school and ensure that the students build the chamber and learn from the process. How an ideal bio gas chamber works: Kitchen waste/ wet waste is decomposed to release methane which is used for cooking purposes. To decompose the food cow dung is added to the mixing tank. The dung contains bacteria which respire anaerobically to produce the required methane.
How we replicated the bio gas chamber - We used a 1000L water tank as the digester tank (tank at the bottom). We cut open the top of the tank. We used a 750L water tank as the gas holder. This tank was inverted and placed in the digester tank. In this tank we cut open the curved surfaces on 4 sides at the top of the tank.  We also cut open the very top flat surface of the tank. For the inlet pipe we used a Collar, 2 inch PVC pipe, a sewage elbow, a female thread adapter, tank nipple and Teflon tape to ensure no leakages. To channel the gas out of the gas holder we created a gas valve at the top of the gas holder using a brass valve (helps protect the valve against high pressure). In case of a blockage or repair work we created an emergency valve using a PVC ball valve and PVC piping.