Students Build Biogas Plant in KK Public School
April 27, 2016
Struggles of a Social Entrepreneur
May 12, 2016

Nobody would say ‘no’ to positive attention and admiration among peers in high school. But how would they want to achieve this? Being the best at something? Helping someone? Being popular? Having thick friends?

We collected local data to investigate this and our findings from 1000+ students were very interesting –

Winning seemed to be high on everyone’s mind. More interesting was that, the word winning wasn’t associated with any one thing in particular. Keenness to win in any one specific area like sports, art, extra-curricular activities etc. wasn’t mentioned. What did come across strongly was winning ‘something’. This indicated students’ desire to be in the limelight and the reason didn’t matter. Winning something played a greater role than being the best at something.

Next popular choice for students to be proud was to do well in academics. This is fairly common among the youth. What was heartwarming was the importance students placed on teachers’ approval. With growing concern in today’s society over lack of regard for teachers, this was a pleasant find!

If we had to ignore the word ‘winning’ and ‘academics’, and peer closely at the other responses, we find that being popular in sports (for instance, being the football captain) is highly sought after – as is also the fact of being helpful.

We at Reap Benefit approach school engagement in a four-step process, getting the students to discover, investigate, build and share using local data and solutions. The medium adopted is gamification, which relies on incentivizing students during this process. This find is a strong validation for us in reference to our process and approach.