Carbon Scoping of KR Market and Malleswaram Market

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May 18, 2016
Lake Research With ATREE and USAID
May 18, 2016

We’d like to thank Harini Nagendra of ATREE for giving us the opportunity to do a carbon footprint audit of the markets. Our gratitude to the respondents for the same.

The objective of the report is to estimate the carbon foot print of two prominent markets of Bangalore – KR market and Malleshwaram market. These are representative of 2 types of markets – the KR Market is only wholesale, while the Malleshwaram market plays the role of wholesale and retail.                                                            

 KR Market      Malleswaram Market   

Mentioned below are some of the major sources of emissions that were considered while preparing our report!

Screenshot 2016-05-18 18.26.02                 Screenshot 2016-05-18 18.26.18

Screenshot 2016-05-18 18.26.25                                 Market - Electricity Supply