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May 17, 2016
Carbon Scoping of KR Market and Malleswaram Market
May 18, 2016

When we think about values like integrity, empathy, ethics – these are all big terms, which can be interpreted in multiple ways. One of things we’ve learnt from our years of work is that values should be a shared way of living and and guide the organisation in every aspect. Our culture is what we apply in our work, hiring, resolving intense arguments and debates, dismantling hierarchy and reviewing our performance.

Here we list out our most important values that we hold dear within the organisation:

  1. Impact Over Individual: Reap Benefit, is a mission driven organisation. The core mission being, ‘Solving, local problems (environment & civic) with youngsters’ Everything people do in the organisation, is to fulfill this mission. All discussions, feedback, strategies will always be in keeping with that goal. We aim to be an impact driven organisation and not an individual based organisation. It doesn’t matter who the person is – an investor, or the top management or anyone else. What matters is, impact over individual.
  2. Get Shit Done:  We have a culture of getting shit done, meaning we get work done no matter what the countering problem is! Now, this doesn’t necessarily indicate a ruthless corporate culture, but we believe that to achieve impact and make a dent, we need to be almost superhuman in our ability to work. Everyone undergoes struggles, battles, existential questions, but at the end of the day we all signed up voluntarily because we feel strongly about a certain cause. When we aim to build the human capital to solve real issues, we shouldn’t entertain excuses and whining. This means we get shit done, irrespective of what is happening.
  3. Fail Fast & Learn Faster: We fail as much as we can but learn from our mistakes quickly. If nothing, we share with the world many ways of doing something incorrectly. We are not afraid to try new things  (ideas, processes, products, partnerships etc;) but we do not keep on failing or repeating the same mistake again & again. We learn fast too, which again helps us enhance our impact.
  4. Authenticity: We are ok with being vulnerable. We believe that reflects security and strength and not weakness. We like to embrace our insecurities and vulnerabilities and work on them to improve ourselves. This not only helps us grow individually but also prevents the possibility of unforeseen failure.  We like being authentic about our successes, failures and shortcomings. We have different people with different talents and sensibilities, and as long our mission is being achieved, we believe in letting people be.
  5. Curious/Problem Solver: Our mission is to solve local problems with young people There are too many people who complain, but do not ask basic questions or challenge the status quo. It is very easy to sit and find loopholes, but we like to have a culture of people who not only complain but also solve the problems we face. We encourage people to ask basic questions which in turn questions our assumptions.
  6. Teamwork: Solving problems is not always very straightforward. We want to build a culture of collaboration and teamwork, so that we capitalise on each and every member’s strengths.
  7. Create occasions to eat free food: We look for small reasons to pause and celebrate small victories, be it a student telling us their story of bringing impact or a new way of working we chance upon.