Sanitation Interventions with Deshpande Foundation

Lake Research With ATREE and USAID
May 18, 2016
Hubli Schools: Report on Waste Collection
May 19, 2016

Water and Sanitation Solutions with Deshpande Foundation

As a partner for Health and Sanitation, Reap Benefit worked with Deshpande Foundation to address the problem of open defecation in Hubli. Our solutions were also displayed as part of the Development Dialogue conducted in Hubli by Deshpande Foundation. Some of our solutions are shown below!

Waterless urinals made using 20 litre plastic water cans. These urinals are low cost, easy to install and require low maintenance

A low cost portable hand wash and greywater harvesting system for government schools, which suffer from shortage of water supply. This system removes particulate matter from hand wash water through an in-built filtration process and collects it into a drum for reuse in other purposes. The greywater could be reused for sanitation purposes too.