The Green Hackathon

The Green Hackathon, supported by We Rise Trust, is a city wide event inviting youngsters to share their innovation ideas. We believe that young minds can contribute to building solutions to the most pressing environmental and civic problems of our times. This challenge is open for all students from grade 6th onward, with one team from each school to be registered for the final event.

At the competition organised for 60+ schools chosen on merit, we will have:

  1. Workshops made available to develop skills of all attendees - students and teachers
  2. Grants/Rewards and mentoring for top teams to develop their innovative ideas/solutions further
  3. Chance to inspire and be inspired: by the other schools, gaining exposure and perspectives
  4. Chance to Scale: Solve problems of other schools with your solutions

Submissions for the Green Hackathon are closed now. The winners have been announced!