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Find innovative tech solutions that we have built over the years that help our solve ninjas in solving local civic issues in their community. These are digital public goods that can be used by any indiviual or organization who wants to be on a problem solving journey!

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Solve Ninja Bot

Designed and customised for a transformational use of the WhatsApp chatbot, brings together communities of problem solving responders and amplifies their interactions through tech enabled behaviour nudges, access to problem solving knowledge, toolkits, crowdsourced campaigns and solutions; all at a hyperlocal level.

- Through the Solve Ninja chatbot, 1500 domestic workers were registered for COVID-19 compensation, resulting in over $21K sanctioned by the Karnataka state government.
- During the Chennai floods in 2021, our chatbot enabled citizens to map 410 water-logging spots in their neighborhoods, with over 700 users participating in just 72 hours, aiding disaster relief efforts through the City Dashboard.

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Discover SamaajData, your gateway to map-based hyperlocal information on crowdsourced civic and climate issues. Our impactful city dashboard showcases citizen-conducted audits and surveys, mapping climate and civic indicators like flood-prone zones in Chennai and Bangalore. Experience transparency at a hyper-local level, enabling data-driven solutions to build resilient communities and neighborhoods.

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Solve Ninja Forum

Solve Ninja Forum is the hub for citizen-driven hyper-local discussions on problem-solving, policy, and best practices. Engage in 160+ posts covering civic and environmental solutions, Ask Me Anything sessions, and DIY citizen projects like Flobot and smart bins. Be part of a diverse community driving change in your neighborhood.

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Changemaker Portfolio

Personalized repository of community actions and problem-solving skills the Solve Ninja has built. The Solve Ninjas can showcase their profile, access a wealth of resources, and connect with like-minded problem solvers. These Portfolios are designed to empower the Solve Ninjas to highlight their problem-solving journey.

You can checkout the portfolio's here.

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Samaaja (Society) is a powerful, free, and open-source web application that empowers users to rapidly build and deploy location-based citizen engagement services. With a focus on civic and environmental issues such as water, sanitation, air quality, garbage, and municipal schemes, Samaaja aims to increase citizen participation at the hyperlocal level. By providing hyperlocal data, solutions, and campaigns, Samaaja fosters active citizens, resilient neighborhoods, and enhances accountability and transparency in civic and environmental matters. While primarily designed for citizens, citizen groups, and civil society organizations, the Samaaja platform can also be utilized by institutions and elected representatives, fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

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Check out some cool, innovating solutions our Solve Ninjas have built trying to solve the toughest problems of our neighbourhood.

Our Solutions


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D-I-Y Air Quality Monitor: Solving the problem of making air quality data accessible to citizens. This Do It Yourself (D-I-Y) learning product is based on the idea of simplifying solutions and the problem in such a way that normal citizens can contribute to solving local problems in & around air pollution.


Making composting at home easy. This is an aerobic composting accelerator which helps compost wet waste like left over food, fruits, vegetable peels, and flowers in a simple and easy manner.

D-I-Y Human Centered Design Dustbin

Solving the problem of making waste segregation super easy. This D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) bin ensures that dry waste segregation is happening at source (homes, schools, & public places) and enables anyone to replicate the bin in a simple way and use it anywhere.

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