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Theory of Change

Reap Benefit activates and empowers youth to become Solve Ninjas by championing consistent climate and civic actions in their hyper-local contexts, which is to say, right in their own backyards.


As these Solve Ninjas engage more deeply, they pick up essential 21st-century skills and create valuable public assets like local data and community solutions. 

This empowers them to tackle hyper-local civic and climate challenges head-on, shaping them into active citizens, entrepreneurs and innovators, and first responders to crises—a cycle that fosters resilient communities and improves local governance, one action at a time.

Network of
Local Mentors

Giving Solve Ninjas access to context-savvy mentors to guide them across all stages of hyper-local problem-solving. After all, even Batman needed an Alfred!


Connecting Solve Ninjas to a community of like-minded youth. Together, they will learn from one another, fuelling a movement faster than you can say, "Ninjas, assemble!"

Toolkits & Solutions

With access to a youth-driven repository of 550+ innovative ideas and solutions to local civic and climate issues, Solve Ninjas hold the key to bottom-up change within communities!

Access to
Local Data

Using data from our tech platform, Solve Ninjas can level up their problem-solving game, using it like a compass to guide them through a maze of local challenges!

Behaviour Nudges

Through our tech and grassroots engagement, we nudge Ninjas to take consistent actions in their communities. Even the best need a gentle prod every now and then!

Levers of Change

Our 'Secret Sauce' includes five powerful levers designed to energise and empower Solve Ninjas, pushing them towards consistent civic and climate action at the hyper-local level

Our Operational Model

Our goal to activate 10 million youth by 2030 is brought to life through a three-pronged model.

  • Our top-down approach drives large-scale impact by integrating our open-source technology platform, “Samaaja,” with governments and civil society organisations (CSOs). Our top-down approach leverages the adoption of our open-source technology platform, “Samaaja,” by governments and civil society organisations (CSOs). By partnering with governments and CSOs, Samaaja integrates our community-tested knowledge kits, crowdsourced data, and technology to leverage our learnings and implement scalable, data-driven interventions tackling civic and climate issues at scale. Moreover, Ninjas engaged through top-down adoption also join Solve Ninja communities to sustain and amplify their collective impact.

  • Our grassroots mobilisation leverages Reap Benefit's technology platform to activate youth agency by engaging local youth as Solve Ninjas. Through 3-6 month mentor-driven experiences, participants follow the DISS problem-solving journey: discovering local issues, investigating the problem, solving through community solutions and campaigns, and sharing outcomes with local stakeholders.

    Youth engaged with us directly or through partners join Solve Ninja communities, organised by location, persona, or cause. These communities foster consistent, collective hyper-local actions, and offer leadership opportunities for  Solve Ninjas to activate and mentor new members, creating a 1:1000 multiplier effect. Learnings and insights from building communities enhance the effectiveness of our tools, data, knowledge, and technology in addressing local challenges.

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