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Find all the innovative tech solutions we have built as digital public goods to empower our Solve Ninjas in addressing local civic issues. These solutions allow for ease of reporting problems, community engagement, tools to visualize data and for tracking progress, send behavior based nudges, and geospatial solutions for mapping local crowdsourced data. These resources are available to individuals and organizations aiming to embark on their own problem-solving journeys.



The Solve Ninja Bot is a WhatsApp based chatbot which has been used by more than 1,00,000+ users to facilitate individual or systemic problem solving. It provides tech enabled behavior nudges, access to problem solving knowledge, toolkits, crowdsourced campaigns and solutions; all at a hyperlocal level. Click below to know more



Personalized repository of community actions and problem-solving skills the Solve Ninja has built. The Solve Ninjas can showcase their profile, access a wealth of resources, and connect with like-minded problem solvers. These Portfolios are designed to empower the Solve Ninjas to highlight their problem-solving journey.


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Samaajdata is a repository of crowdsourced, crowd-verified hyper-local data on climate and governance. This aims to bring transparency at a hyper-local level for civic & climate and enable data-driven solutions to build resilient communities & neighborhoods.


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Solve Ninja Forum is the hub for citizen-driven hyper-local discussions on problem-solving, policy, and best practices. Engage in 160+ posts covering civic and environmental solutions, Ask Me Anything sessions, and DIY citizen projects like Flobot and smart bins. Be part of a diverse community driving change in your neighborhood.


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Samaaja (Society) is a free and open-source software solution for rapidly building and deploying location-based citizen engagement services. An open-source contribution from FOSS United and Reap Benefit Foundation, it aims to allow any organization using Samaaja to immediately engage and mobilize citizens.

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