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Meet the
Solve Ninja

Solve Ninjas are action-oriented youth engaged in hyper-local civic and climate action, to develop 21st century skills and collectively work to create resilient communities and improve governance.

Why do we need 
Solve Ninjas?

Solve Ninjas personify the transformative power of youth agency in driving impactful change. Young people bring energy, passion, and boldness to the table. Their high stake in the future elevates them from mere participants to architects, actively addressing civic and climate challenges and fostering resilient communities.

What makes a Solve Ninja unique?

Act on Local Data

A Solve Ninja taps into local data to drive civic and climate action, and to demand transparency in local governance.

Build on Local Solutions

A Solve Ninja crafts custom solutions that fits their community like a glove, breaking free from the 'one-size-fits-all' mold.

Engage in Local Campaigns

A Solve Ninja drives local campaigns, teaming up with citizens and officials to collaboratively solve climate and civic issues.

Foster Skills and Agency

A Solve Ninja ignites a shift within themselves, cultivating agency and 21st-century skills through their problem-solving journey


Discover civic and environmental issues in

their communities


Understand the challenge in depth by gathering qualitative and quantitative data


Ideate, innovate, and craft practical solutions and campaigns


Share findings and learnings with the community, including government officials

What does a Solve Ninja do?

From spotting issues to sharing solutions, here’s how Solve Ninjas drive climate and civic action at the hyper-local level, fostering a culture of active citizenship.

Solve Ninjas come in all shape & sizes

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