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Breathe: D-I-Y Air Quality Monitor

This Do It Yourself (D-I-Y) learning product is based on the idea of simplifying solutions and the problem in such a way that normal citizens can contribute to solving local problems in & around air pollution.


This is an aerobic composting accelerator which helps compost wet waste like left over food, fruits, vegetable peels, and flowers in a simple and easy manner.


D-I-Y Human Centered Design Dustbin

This D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) bin ensures that dry waste segregation is happening at source (homes, schools, & public places) and enables anyone to replicate the bin in a simple way and use it anywhere.

Waterless Urinal

Solve Ninja Vibish Kashyap developed the first Waterless urinal to solve this problem. Waterless urinals are urinals that do not have to be flushed after every use. The first prototype was made from an overturned 20l water can!


Switchboard Mapping

A simple nudge-based solution used to depict which switch corresponds to which device in a room that eliminates not just confusion but also unnecessary power consumption

Solve Ninja Techno Kit

This plug-n-play electronics kit enables Solve Ninjas to learn coding, play with electronics, solve local civic and environmental problems using technology, and activates public problem solving skills.

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Smart Water Meter

The smart water meter nudges people to reduce misuse of water and increases accountability towards water.

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