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Become a Solve Ninja!
Join us in becoming a Leader in Action. Through our Grassroots Engagement you will develop your leadership skills by solving real issues in your community.

Large scale interventions with various Government agencies to integrate our curriculum, tools and technology to mobilize youth and citizens to solve local civic problems. 

Education Based Partnerships

We are working with Education Department of Government of Delhi and Andhra Pradesh to Integrate an action-oriented project based learning and its 21st century skill building M&E framework in the mainstream curriculum. We have worked with more than 8 Lakh students across thousands of schools in Delhi and Andhra Pradesh building 21st century skills in them. 

Governance Based Partnerships

Our work's intersection of on-ground mobilization and behavior based technology that allows us to activate youth at scale and this has been adapted by local municipal governments in Delhi and Punjab to reach out to citizen across different constituencies. The Jal Jeevan Mission in Assam is also integrating this to build water champions across schools. 

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